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For the best variety of cylinder jacks, try Choose from light-weight, non-rusting aluminum jacks, or go with the less expensive steel cylinder jacks. You can also find lock nut cylinder jacks that will stay in place as a support for large machines. And when you need to get into those low lying areas, try using pancake style jack. Whichever one you choose, it is available at

The cylinder jack is a very useful tool for rigging. A cylinder jack can be short or tall. Each cylinder jack works as a mechanism that lifts, pushes or pulls heavy loads. A cylinder jack is round at the sides but flat at the top and bottom.

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Cylinder Jack Cylinder Jack Cylinder Jack Cylinder Jack
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Be sure to purchase the right capacity cylinder jack. Your cylinder jack could be any type: there is the center hole cylinder jack, the pancake cylinder jack, the flat cylinder jack, the lock nut cylinder jack and the general purpose cylinder jack. The center hole cylinder jack will pull a rope or cable through it. The pancake cylinder jack is so flat it will slide under almost anything. The flat cylinder jack offers low clearance. The lock nut cylinder jack will “lock” into place and hold machines up indefinitely. And the general purpose cylinder jack is for regular purpose use.

A cylinder jack can be made of steel or aluminum. A steel cylinder jack is usually less expensive than an aluminum cylinder jack, but the aluminum cylinder jack is more lightweight and more durable. The aluminum cylinder jack won’t rust. The choice between each cylinder jack is made depending on how much the cylinder jack needs to be moved and what kind of conditions the cylinder jack will be exposed to.

A cylinder jack can have many different kinds of pumps. The cylinder jack you choose can be operated manually or hydraulically. Any cylinder jack is most likely to need an external pump. Hook an electric or air powered pump up to your cylinder jack.

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